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Please note:  Due to the corona virus quarantine, and the safety of our clients and staff, the Clothes Closet is closed until further notice. Thank you and stay well. 


We are in need of men’s, women’s and children’s NEW socks and underwear of every size.  

Donations of clean, reusable clothing in any size are accepted Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 am. until noon or may be placed in the clothing bin just inside the Maple Street parking lot doors on Sunday mornings.

Donation slips are available for your charitable contributions.  Please ask an Usher for a donation slip if you can’t find them in the Narthex (back of Sanctuary).


Thank you for your help!


The Clothes Closet

The Clothes Closet has been operating for 7 years, providing clothes to our homeless and needy neighbors in Lombard and Villa Park.  Families and individuals who have a Food Pantry card may also visit the Clothes Closet twice a month and select up to 6 articles of clothing at no charge on each visit.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week from 9am to Noon

Wednesday night hours are 5pm to 7 pm**

3rd Saturday of each month 9am to Noon  

We are fortunate to have been some very dedicated volunteers that keep us open and we could not have done without them.  The people who visit the Clothes Closet are happy to see our friendly volunteers who also offer them a smile and words of encouragement from time to time.  The staff makes our clients feel welcome and assists them where they can so when they leave they are happier than when they came in and appreciative of what we are trying to do.

Respectfully submitted,

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Christine Marousek is the director of the board and also runs the Clothes Closet.  For more information or questions, Christine can be reached at Pantry_Closest@First



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