Kids Hope USA


Thank You to our Kids Hope USA volunteers!!

School’s out!  And we’ve wrapped up our FOURTH year as Kids Hope USA (KHUSA) volunteers at Pleasant Lane Elementary School.

We acknowledge the following individuals:  Martha Bledsoe/Carol Wixson, Steven Flint/Susan Friend, Rita Gronemeyer/Carol Friedman, Scott Hotaling/Nory Bettilyon and Denise Karhoff King/Teddie Knapp who were the Mentors/Prayer Partners for five students, as well as Norma Nieves, Communication Coordinator.  Thanks so much for making a difference!

We’re looking forward to our next year of service.  Will you be there to make a difference for a child?


Want to know more about Kids Hope USA?  (keep reading…)

One Child . . . One Hour . . . One Church . . . One School . . . One Mentor . . . One Prayer Partner

The Power of One!  First UMC partners with Pleasant Lane Elementary School via Kids Hope USA (KHUSA). What’s that? KHUSA is a national organization that was founded on research showing the dramatic positive impact that can be made on the life of a child by a caring, faithful and involved adult.

Opportunity: Be a Mentor! One hour each week, one adult mentor,

supported by one prayer partner, meets with one student each week school is in session.

Many children are waiting to have a relationship with someone who will:

+ know their name + be a consistent presence + let them know they matter!

Opportunity: Be a Prayer Partner! Be a support person and pray regularly for your student, the mentor and for their relationship.

How many positions are available? However many volunteers our church is able to provide, there are at least that number of students at Pleasant Lane who will benefit from the KHUSA program! Yes, even in District 44 in Lombard, Illinois!

Is there any training available?   Yes, it’s thorough and interesting and may be completed on line as your schedule allows.

What if I have more questions? Questions are always welcome.   The site director at our church is Denise Karhoff King. There is also continued support available through the KHUSA website for all volunteers.

What’s my next step? Contact Denise at church or by email

Please remember the Kids Hope USA program, both local and national, in your prayers.  We’re already looking forward to our next year of service.  Will you be there to make a difference for a child?  


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