Thursday Evening Prayer 7:30pm

 Virtual Evening Prayer service with Deacon Ginny is a more formal service of prayer than Virtual Coffee with Pastor Luis on Wednesday evenings, but everyone is invited to participate in both.  It will be a calm way to reflect on the past day and prepare to meet the next.

Evening Prayer is an opportunity to reflect on the past day/s, to peacefully consider God’s love and care for us, and to prepare ourselves spiritually for the next day/s. We use simple guided prayers, confession, readings, and silence to create a space in our weekly lives to experience peace and contemplate. Evening Prayer does not require any particular level of spirituality. In today’s stay-at-home context it is certainly more of an individual or family time, but it can also be encouraging to know that other’s in our faith community and beyond are experiencing it along with us.

As with many spiritual endeavors, it will likely be more meaningful if we find/create a comfortable space, with as few distractions as possible. The words marked in bold in the Order of Service are for the congregation to read. You are encouraged to read these words aloud or to say them internally. There will be times of silence or gentle instrumental music in each service. Please use the moments to reflect, and give your mind and spirit a chance to speak to each other. At the end of the service there will be gentle music to give you an opportunity to remain in prayer for several minutes, at least.

Prayer with Deacon Ginny at 7:30pm.

We will continue using the ZOOM meeting format every Thursday.

It is important that you register no later than 11:30am., by email to the office.

A login with meeting ID and password will be emailed to you, so you can enter the meeting.

Evening Prayer bulletin for Thursday, September 10

Thank you,

Virginia “Ginny” Rainey, Deacon

Minister of Congregational Care

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