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Image result for small groupsSunday mornings during the school year Christian Education

8:45am to 9:50am


Conversation with Pastor Luis in the Parlor

Join the conversation.  Every 4 to 6 weeks Pastor Luis begins a new conversation.  Please feel free to email him regarding more about the conversation going on now, or the subject of the conversation beginning soon!

Child Care is provided beginning at 8:50am in the nursery.

January 2020 – Christian Formation Adult Class.
Millions of Christians have struggled with how to reconcile God’s love and God’s judgment: Has God created billions of people over
thousands of years only to select a few to go to heaven and everyone else to suffer forever in hell?
Is this acceptable to God? How is this “good news”?
Troubling questions-so troubling that many have lost their faith
because of them. Others only whisper the questions to themselves, fearing or being taught that they might lose their faith and their church if they ask them out loud.
But what if these questions trouble us for good reason? What if the story of heaven and hell we have been taught is not, in fact, what the Bible teaches? What if what Jesus meant by heavenhell, and salvation are very different from how we have come to
understand them?
What if it is God who wants us to face these questions?
Author, pastor, and innovative teacher Rob Bell presents a deeply biblical vision for
rediscovering a richer, grander, truer, and more spiritually satisfying way of
understanding heaven, hell, God, Jesus, salvation, and repentance. The result is the discovery that the “good news” is much, much better than we ever imagined.
Paper back $9.99, Kindle (Amazon) $11.99, Audio (CD) $9.98

Classes are – January 19 – Chapters 4 – 5

January 26 – Chapters 6 – 8

February 2 – Information Session re: General Conference in the Chapel

Feb. 9 – Stand alone video in the Library 

Feb 16 – Open Date (Auction Sunday)

Feb. 23 – Information session re: General Conference

On Feb 2 & 23, Pastor Luis will host information sessions on the upcoming General Conference (Minneapolis, May 5-15), and the possible futures of the UMC.  Included will be an overview of each of the plans that will be presented, as well as time for Q/A. Pastor Luis is a voting delegate at this vitally important meeting of UMC delegates from around the world, and is in the process of preparing for the G.C. with conversations, readings, and prayer, so he will be an excellent source of information and perspective.  The information sessions will take place in the Chapel, from 8:45 to 9:45.

Children – Please see the Children’s tab above for more information on Children’s time!


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