Greetings!In 1972 a group of “young” church members decided to form a fellowship group for activities outside of church. After 45 years, and a brief hiatus, we felt the need to “reboot”.  Please join us as we revive a grand tradition of fellowship, fun, and food. 


Questions ? Contact :

Terry Schumacher : 1 – 630 – 653 – 6366
Holly Linneweh : 1 – 630- 830 – 0699
Carol Wixson : 1 – 630 – 627 – 6758

Senior Friends is a group of folks that have been hanging out together for what seems like forever!

Once a month, they all get together and do “something” that is planned by one or two (or three) of the folks from this group.

Could be lunch, dinner at a special location, theatre or concert, or a church cleanup day!  You never really know what you’re going to be doing until they decide, but it’s never dull!!


December – Host Christine Marousek 
A lovely time was had by all, tons of yummy appetizers, dessert and beverages were served and shared by those who attended.
     We gave George the largest fork we could find….
We even got a group picture!  Merry Christmas everyone!