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Dear UMW friends,

This is my first newsletter to you, a long time coming, I know, but I have been working to get us up and running again after a long time of being in various stages of shut downs.

First, I must commend Carol Wixson for her outstanding 9 years of service as President. Through her leadership and hard work, we had a thriving and active unit. With successful fundraising efforts we were able to raise thousands of dollars which, when donated to various programs and charities, were used to help many families have better lives. Thank you Carol!

When I agreed to be your president, a number of you came forward and offered to help get us back on track after being sidelined by covid. Together we are committed to continuing our long history of service, fellowship, spiritual growth and helping those in need.  Moving forward this may not be the UMW you are used to but we will still be here and making a new path to reach our goals.

Let me share with you my vision:
*reconnect reconnect reconnect  through our circles, unit gatherings, outings (when things open more), cards, calls, newsletter
*partner with the ministries of Pastor Bonnie Campbell and Deacon Ginny to plan activities around our church families
*visits to members-we have already begun to do this. We have gone in pairs to visit some of our members and hope to expand this ministry.
*continue to reach out to the younger women in our church
*no major fundraisers
*other than President and our unit treasurer, Martha, we will not be looking for officers to fill a lot of offices. We will have a team of ladies willing to meet and decide how to accomplish our goals.

Since we were unable to hold any fundraisers this year, we are suggesting members give a love gift so we may still be able to help local charities. It can be sent to our treasurer Martha Bledsoe or given to your Circle Chairman.

We have also scheduled (per member requests) a UMW Bake Sale on Sunday,
Dec 5 after church. This is the first Sunday in advent and historically our  Sunday to kick off the church Advent Season. You will hear more on that in an email that will be sent soon.

I look forward to being your president and I welcome your ideas and comments.

Please keep Jan Elsner, Angie and Ellen in your prayers and let me know if anyone else is in need of our prayers.

Have a Blessed day and a great Thanksgiving!

Christine Marousek


Methodist Women Pillow Ministry

32+ folks of all ages meet every other month on a Saturday to make pillows!! See those happy faces working and sharing their time together!  Please stay tuned for information on the next pillow day!! 



SATURDAY, March 23rd, a great group of people (pictured above) gathered to make 193 pillows!!

Our care pillows are available for folks who have had surgery and would like some extra “love” to get them through their recuperation. Pillows are available at the back of the Sanctuary, or ask an Usher to point out the ladies that can get you more pillows.

If you are a hospital, recovery center, etc. please call the church office and leave a message for Carol Wixson, or contact church at MediaRelations@FirstUMCLombard.org.  We will get back to you and supply you with additional pillows.

Please consider donating to the UMW so we can purchase stuffing and fleece.   Thank you for your help and support!

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