Weddings and Room Rentals

Bride Hug Groom With Wedding BouquetWeddings

If you are interested in getting married in our beautiful sanctuary, please contact the church office at 630.627.2508 for information, date availability, fees, and to set up an appointment with our Pastor.

Music Recital, Bridal or Baby Shower, Anniversary, Birthday Party?

There are several space options available in our building to host your special event. Please call the church office for information, date availability, and fees.  Please note that you will have to complete a form for trustees approval of your use of the space.  Forms are available in the church office or click here:  Request Form for Use of Facilities (1)

Funeral Luncheons

Funeral luncheons can be held either in the parlor & chapel area which has a capacity of 90 persons, or in Fellowship Hall which seats 200 but has limited handicapped accessibility.

The Family contacts the church for availability when funeral service is set up if they desire a luncheon. The church office would check to see if room(s) and volunteers are available. Time for the luncheon would have to be set up in advance. If the family and guest are proceeding from the grave site to the luncheon, please allow travel time. At the time of making the reservation, a refundable deposit of $50 would be required and church use forms need to be completed. Deposit would be refunded when area is left in good condition.

The Family provides the food, either by preparing it themselves or purchasing it. There is a list of catering firms to help make decisions as to which they would like to use. The Family makes all arrangements for food and delivery to church. Payment for food would be made to church which would pay the catering firm when it is delivered. (Tax free if paid by church.)

List of recommended catering firms: Panera; Tasty Catering, 847.593.2000 Erica; Portillos; Greek Islands; Q’s from Hillside 708.449.7488, Mike or Tim. Two days notice is preferred; Col Sanders.

The Family takes care of leftovers. Food is to be removed as the family leaves church. Catering firm will provide plates, silverware and napkins. (Family might need to bring containers for leftover food. )

The church sets up and takes down tables and chairs. Tablecloths and small centerpieces would be provided. The church would provide coffee, regular and decaffeinated, and lemon water. Dessert is provided, if requested. Dessert is cookies and require an additional fee of $1.00 per person. Small plates and napkins accompany desserts. Two persons, volunteers from the congregation, would help with serving. No alcohol.

Use of the church for funeral luncheons would be available to all current members, former members, relatives of members and regular contributing attendees.

Nonmembers who would have a funeral service in our church could request a luncheon and would be charged $150 for setup and service along with a refundable deposit of $150 (total of $300).